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We might be in the powersports business, but we are also in the business of relationships. From the beginning we keep communication at the forefront of our business. We believe with clear and open communication anything is achievable. We draw upon the experience of our vast team of designers to take your ideas and put pen-to-paper to bring your vision into 3-dimensional life. We bring durability, performance, visual appeal and all the while making sure we keep production costs at a minimum to make sure your product is competitive in the marketplace.

Once we have developed a design concept that is perfect for you, it is turned over to our engineering team to go about 3D modelling while optimizing the design for increased production cost reduction. Your product will be bought to the point of being able to manufacture and turned it into a working sample. Our team works hard to be able to provide a solution that will suit your needs and the scope of your project while all the time keeping the process smooth and on time so you’re able to focus on your business and let us take care of the rest.

Testing and Production
Once the sample is completed, all items are rigorously tested and fitted to ensure quality of product and manufacturing process. Once we go to production, we have quality control officers that monitor the whole process from the time the order is sent to production until the tape goes on the box everything is checked and re-checked. This kind of commitment to procedures makes sure when you receive products the only thing you need to worry about is selling.

730 EMPLOYEES - Continuously growing and building the Rival brand​
10,000 SQM - Warehouse Area​
27,000 SQM - Production
30 ENGINEERS - In our own R&D department
Bremen, Germany
Houston, Texas



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