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Almot has been known for many years as a manufacturer of aluminum automotive components and an importer and distributor of a wide range of motorcycle parts and accessories.
For the last four years, the company has also been identified with the brand of Ferro scooters, vehicles that are undoubtedly at the forefront of two-wheelers imported from Asia.
Almot started in 1983. The company started from a craft workshop supplying the domestic market with the production of pistons and cylinders for internal combustion engines.
Currently, the company employs over seventy highly qualified specialists. The advantage is the production of the highest quality pistons and cylinders, although the full range of products includes nearly two hundred items - mainly for motorcycles and mopeds.
The extremely dynamic development of the company is vividly confirmed by the export growth rates - the share from 1994 is 35%, while in 2010 it was exceeded 80% of the production value. A particular reason to be proud is the fact that Almot's products have been accepted by the exceptionally demanding and uncompromising German and American markets.
Almot also started the production of components for scooters sold under the Ferro brand. Among the two-wheelers available in Poland, Ferro scooters are equipped with the best quality components and accessories - Japanese Mikuni carburetors, alternatively Deni, Yuasa Japan batteries, American Gates drive belts.
Almot also has a well-equipped base of spare parts and components for all offered vehicles. The offer currently includes over three thousand items that go to over seven hundred dealer and service points in Poland.
Reactivating the Junak Almot brand, he introduced excellent quality motorcycles to the market at a really attractive price. Years of experience in the field of metallurgy and technology, knowledge of the specificity of Asian markets and commitment to cooperation in the project of Eng. Konrad Czwordon are the best guarantor of the quality of Almot's enterprise.

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