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Unlimited passion
Whether you spend your day in the snowy mountains or on the wildest motocross tracks, AMOQ guarantees the best equipment for your sport. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, you ́ll find the most stylish and wanted products in the AMOQ collection. The unique price-quality ratio of the collection makes these high quality products available for all.

AMOQ Snow is active, fast and full of excitement. The stunning colours, blackest black and highly finished de- tails combined with technical materials take your adventure to a completely new level! The brand is inspired by a passion for snow and snow activities. Products combine comfort and style in the best possible way. Whether you’re riding a snowmobile, scaling mountains, going skiing, snowboarding or just exploring the city life AMOQ keeps you looking stylish and feeling comfortable in all conditions. High-quality products are equipped with the best technical features which you can rely on in all kinds of weather conditions.

AMOQ MX gets your blood racing and adrenaline to flow! Tested in rough Nordic conditions our MX Collection guarantees fastest speed, highest jumps and best tricks. The brand offers wide range carefully selected products for every enthusiast and professional who wants to push the limits. All products are developed by MX professionals who really know how to meet requirements of every rider of this physically demanding sport. Safety, incredible fitting and high performance combined with top technical features take your riding to a new level. The versatile collection includes protection, helmets, goggles, pants, jerseys, jackets, gloves and accessories for men and women.

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