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Worldwide, Hyperpro is the leading producer of progressive suspension products for motor bikes. Their most famous product is their steering damper, however, they also produce complete shocks, front fork springs and height adjustment kits for a vast number of bikes.
Almost all their products come with progressive springs. Not just because they think this is better, they are absolutely convinced it is. The easiest way to prove this, is by carrying out a braking distance test. A bike equipped with progressive springs reduces the braking distance by 15 to 20 percent in comparison to a bike with linear springs.
In addition, motoring performance improves considerably as a result of progressive springs. Small bumps and irregularities in the road surface get absorbed immediately, large bumps or holes are intercepted by the more rigid part of the spring. This results in a bike that is faster on the circuit and safer on the public highway!
…and they’re Dutch !
Hyperpro are a Dutch company and have importers all over the world. They design and assemble all their products. The majority of their parts are made in our their workshop. All parts are made of high-quality aluminium.

Read more: http://hyperpro.com

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