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Since its origins, CRGmoto products have been manufactured in Santa Cruz County, California, USA about 30 miles north of Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey California. With a background in motorcycle parts design and development, founder / designer Spencer Owyang would regularly attend the winter Superbike Dunlop Tire testing sessions at Laguna Seca, which was the norm in the mid to late 90’s.

Connecting with Factory Suzuki Rider Steve Crevier, the then AMA 600 Supersport Champion, Owyang observed the need for on-the-fly adjustable brake levers in racing applications. Thus began a process of creating one-off prototype levers, and having them tested in the rigors of professional road racing, Crevier as an initial tester.

With the AMA Road Racing paddock being a tight community, the benefits of CRG levers became well known to most teams, and within a short couple of years virtually all of the top AMA factory teams were running CRG levers. Supporting CRG levers were some key technical directors and crew chiefs among them: Al Ludington (American Honda), Rich Doan (Suzuki) , Rick Hobbs (Erion Racing), Mike Preston (Kawasaki). Their faith in CRG was certainly a key to the acceptance of the billet On-the-fly CRG lever.

Today the on-the-fly adjustable lever is a mainstay accessory of sportbike riders and racers. There are many companies which have mimicked the CRG lever, but there is only one original, and it is CRG.

Although our products are available in Europe, Asia, and Australia, CRG has traditionally focused on the American customer. You may have seen other companies selling products that look similar to the original CRG, and wonder why the price of our high quality - USA made product is so competitive, or even less than a knock off. The reason for this is because we are out here working smart, utilizing the best automated processes, combined with putting in an honest-day’s-work to give you high value. We believe, if done right we can beat anyone by making the best stuff and allowing our customer to get a great deal.


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