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Welcome to Xceldyne Technologies, a direct manufacturer of titanium valves and valvetrain components.

For many years, Xceldyne has ambitiously sought after and successfully met the high demands of motorsports professionals worldwide. Our dedication to R&D, engineering and manufacturing has pioneered and set new standards for quality control, consistent performance and durability of racing valvetrain systems.

Expanding our world-class manufacturing facility, Xceldyne continually strives to be an industry leader in titanium valvetrain components. With decades of experience in valvetrain development, our professional engineering and sales/tech support team have personally worked with clients in all aspects of motorsports. Xceldyne is committed people as a critical ingredient in creating the most advanced titanium valvetrain components available today. That is what makes us stand apart from the rest. An established racing heritage and first-hand knowledge has been combined with superior dedication to the customer to create a tradition of service unparalleled in the industry.

An unwavering commitment to product quality, in addition to our people, is what makes Xceldyne truly unique. Our environmentally controlled Quality Control room ensures that you receive the finest components every time. Xceldyne engineers achieve sub-micron dimensional control by utilizing numerous optical and laser vision scanning systems, CMMs, roundness gauging, concentricity, profilometer, surface finish, hardness and micro-harness, as well as other instruments for optical tolerance testing. All are used to ensure that Xceldyne components provide the superior level of reliability and quality demanded by leading motorsports professionals.

This uncompromising technology and performance is available to engine builders at all levels of motorsports. Our products are used throughout the world...from the extreme limits of Formula 1 and the rolling thunder of NASCAR, to twisting road racers and on-the-edge sprint cars.

Around the world, championship racing teams rely on Xceldyne Technologies. 

Read more: http://www.xceldyne.com

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