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Cardo Systems delivers cutting-edge Communication devices for groups in motion. We connect motorcycle riders, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventure seekers worldwide to their phones, music, and most of all, to each other.

Cardo was established in 2003 and has focused on class-leading innovations ever since. Today Cardo communicators are being sold in over 100 countries. From day one, we have been creating the world’s leading communication devices.


In 2003, we were one of the few tech companies creating Bluetooth earpieces for cell phones. Our Scala earpiece gave end-users the ability to talk and listen hands-free.

What made our earpieces so special was their unique wind-suppressing technology. This technology, which was developed in-house, provided the ability to speak, and be heard crystal-clear and noise free.

One day, while riding on his motorcycle, our founder had an epiphany. What if we take the same Bluetooth and wind-suppressing technology, wrap it inside a sturdy waterproof shell, and attach it to a helmet? This way, we should be able to connect riders to their music, their phone, and to each other.

We always believed that riding a motorcycle shouldn’t exclude enjoying the company of our friends. With that in mind, we put our best developer to the challenge. When we say our best developer, we really mean it. He is still working for Cardo 20 years later and is currently our oldest employee.

After a year of development, we launched the world’s first motorcycle Bluetooth headset in 2004. All our time and effort went into this true marvel of innovation, and perhaps we forgot to come up with an innovative name. The Scala Rider changed how motorcycle riders experienced riding ever since.


Once Scala Rider was out, we knew we were onto something. Our focus shifted, and we stopped making earpieces for phones. We started working on making the lives of our fellow riders better and easier. The goal was to innovate and deliver new ground-breaking features from day one. Two decades later, we still strive to be the best and to set the standard for the entire industry.

In doing so, we have been at the forefront of the majority of the industry’s significant breakthroughs. After being the world’s first motorcycle Bluetooth headset, we became the world’s first rider-to-rider Bluetooth headset. In 2007 we launched the Q2. A device that connects two riders up to 700 meters/ 0.45 miles apart. This was a game changer, but the hunger to go further stayed.

We extended our intercom range in 2009 with the revolutionary G4 communicator that broke the 1mi./ 1.6 km barrier stretching the limits of what was possible with Bluetooth technology. Having taken the technology to its limits, we felt restricted by Bluetooth and created the world’s first Dynamic Mesh communicator, the Packtalk in 2015. It revolutionized the world of motorcycle communicators and leaped beyond the constraints of Bluetooth. We could now connect up to 15 riders with no hassle, no frustration, and no time wasted.

The sky has been the limit since then, as we introduced the first communicator with Natural Voice Operation in 2017, and the world’s first communicator with premium sound (courtesy of JBL) a year later. In 2021 we introduced Over-The-Air software updates giving our riders a break of always having to connect their device to a computer when updating the software of their devices. And that is but a small collection of Cardo innovations. Keep reading to know about all of Cardo’s developments and innovations in the communicator market over the years.


Cardo Systems became so much more than just that motorcycle communicator brand. We deliver the best communicators not only for motorcycles but also for outdoor adventure seekers and Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) drivers. Expanding our goal to bring communication in motion to riders, adventure seekers, and professionals the world over. Together with RISER we will provide riders with the most advanced and user-friendly communication and navigation systems.

The Cardo journey has only just begun. We will keep working hard to release the best innovations to our communication devices. Stay tuned, the best yet could be just around the corner.


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