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Enjoy life. Protect your ears.
Our DNA. Hearing protection

Ears are made to hear. Your hearing allows you to enjoy music, birdsong, and sometimes blessed silence. We make sure you can enjoy sound without a care, and without suffering hearing loss. So we make hearing protection to protect your ears. Every day, for your entire life.


How it all started

Alpine Hearing Protection started producing ‘customised’ earplugs for professional applications in the Netherlands in 1994. Now we offer a solution for everyone and every need. To get a good night’s sleep or a night on the town. For motorcycle riders, musicians, DIY enthusiasts and festival-goers. For young and old.


Dutch Design quality

All our our hearing protection is designed and made in the Netherlands from quality materials. Our products comply with all regulatory requirements in relation to safety, health and the environment. So we are extremely proud of having received the Red Dot Design Award!


Where to find us

You can buy our hearing protection products in over 65 countries worldwide. We can also be found at big events to offer protection against hearing loss, such as Formula 1 races and the world’s biggest music festivals.


Hearing loss awareness

We are committed to creating hearing loss awareness throughout the world. Fortunately more and more people are aware that they should care for their hearing and we now protect more than 1.3 million pairs of ears every year. And we continue to make sure everyone gets to enjoy sound.


Impact report

We’re dedicated to creating a sustainable impact by encouraging healthy hearing for as many people as we can, in the most sustainable way. We're proud of what we've accomplished so far and are eager to embrace the opportunities ahead of us. We've documented all of this in our very first impact report. This document provides insights into our purpose, the challenges we encounter, and our strategies for addressing them.


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