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The Story Behind the AVS Racing Hand Guards is linked to my personal career as a high level athlete.

I start road cycling at the age of 12 and motocross at 13. I realize at that age that I have a huge passion for bikes, with or without an engine. I then start motorcycle riding on the streets, and I knew that this surface suited me better : I quickly start competition with 125cc hill climb racing and I win my first championship at 18 years old.
Afterwards, at the age of 20, I move over to track racing and quickly work my way up to the top. In 1997, I win the french championship, and become the first French to be crowned european champion 125cc. Next, I change to 125cc Grand Prix and become the first French to win the world championship in 2002. I put an end to my motorcycle racing career in 2009.
The following year I do some go karting and car racing for fun with a few wins!

Throughout my career, I trained a lot in road bike, mountain bike, motocross, enduro, supermoto, and go karting, all these disciplines allowed me to develop a keen sense in mechanics, bike development and piloting. It is thanks to those skills that during my racing career, I was recruited to do some development for major motorcycle manufacturers and OEMs.

In January of 2014, I’m out on my usual mountain biking tour when I get pushed off my bike once again because of a branch getting stuck in my brake lever. So I ask myself why no one had developed hand guards made exclusively for mountain bikes! It is then that I started to develop the first mountain bike hand guards under my brand: AVS Racing (Arnaud Vincent Sport).

Through my experience in motorcycle development and my passion and knowledge in mountain biking, I developed in collaboration with top riders, the AVS Racing Hand Guards designed to protect levers and hands from branches and other disruptive elements while giving your bike a new modern look!

In dirt biking, the first hand guards appeared in the early 80s and continued to progress to the point of being factory fitted on virtually all motorcycles!




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