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In 1959, Giuseppe Ferrigno, coming from former experiences as warehouse - keeper in the field of spare parts for motor veichles , set up the individual company "Ferrigno Giuseppe ricambi moto", with seat in a small basement in the east suburb of Milan, starting his business as sole trader.
This is the golden age for brands as Motom, Guzzi, Piaggio with Vespa and Innocenti with Lambretta.
In 1967 the company takes the name of CIF (Costruzioni Ingranaggi Ferrigno) moving just outside Milan, in Cologno Monzese, in a 500 square meters warehouse. In his new seat, besides of going on with his trade in spare parts, Giuseppe Ferrigno starts his business as manufacturer , specialized in the production on gears and pinions for motorcycles.
Soon Pietro, son of the promoter, joins the company. In young age, working and studing together, Pietro contributes to the life of the company.
In 1984 Pietro 20 years old, joins the company at full time. In the meantime , it became necessary to find a new place and in 1989, the company moved to the present seat in Cologno Monzese, a warehouse with a total surface of 2.500 square meters.
The steady efforts of Pietro in the years, to understand and satisfy the continous variations in the market, with take the company to be ackowledged, both in Italy and abroad, as leader in the market of spare parts for motorcycles, scooters and three-wheels.
In its range of brands, the company can boast the corporation with some of the most prestigious italian and international manufacturers.


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