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ARIETE, known for the high quality of its grips, goggles and ARI fork oil seals. All our creations undergo the obsessive search for perfection!

SANDRO MENTASTI INDUSTRIA GOMMA was founded by Mr. Sandro Mentasti, who began manufacturing inner tubes for cars and motorcycles in the basement of his house after the end of WWII. In the period following the war, there was a rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles on the roads and a corresponding huge demand for inner tubes.
This initial production rapidly developed into an industrial activity and was quickly relocated to a new site. Here, the product was developed using modern manufacturing machinery and plant.

These days, SANDRO MENTASTI Srl exports worldwide to a broad variety of industrial sectors, but specialises in the motorcycle market. We offer thousands of articles produced from over 6,000 moulds collected at the factory over the years. Sandro Mentasti srl remains a family business, now third generation.
This ensures the products are of the highest quality, a characteristic which has always been at the forefront of the Company’s ethics. Using the Company’s greatest asset, their personnel, Sandro Mentasti srl has continued to develop the design and manufacture of its products, using the latest technology and the experience of sixty years to help guide them. Our wish to preserve the environment for future generations is expressed by the implementation of our Environmental Safeguard Programme.

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