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Mantus Marine (formerly known as Mantus Anchor) was founded in 2012, but my venture started several years before in Cartagena, Colombia, half way through my 12-months sailing adventure in Latin America. At the time, still a novice sailor, I quickly discovered how anxiety-provoking anchoring could be. I definitely had my share of close calls and nights spent awake in the cockpit frightened by the howling wind. Cold and drenched in rain I’d try to keep from hitting my neighbors. I grew frustrated that my 45 lbs CQR would often not set or would drag if the winds increased above 25 knots. My secondary anchor, an FX 37 Fortess, stored easily enough, but was also a challenge to set unless anchoring in soft seabeds. I never felt comfortable leaving Coconut, my 38′ Ericson, unattended if the wind topped 20 knots. I realized that the problem is not usually holding power but whether the anchor set properly in the first place. Being an Emergency Room physician by trade I live by the motto “Preparation is Key”. I wanted to always be ready for the worst blow and have the best ground tackle. I could not accept the setting ability of the anchors on the market and set out to design a new anchor that would set reliably in any bottom, break down for easy storage, and be as durable as any anchor out there.


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