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When someone asks, “What is Stompgrip?” or “What does Stompgrip do?” the answer is simple; Stompgrip is a brand and a manufacturing company that focuses on Enhancing Active Lifestyles. From its beginning in 1994, Stompgrip has innovated traction products for people in the action sports industries; from stomp pads to tank grips to gripper seat covers.

Stompgrip’s company mantra is to Enhance Active Lifestyles which it follows by creating the highest quality traction products for powersports and boardsports.

Stompgrip chooses to use the best and most advanced materials available for its products to ensure that its customers are given the maximum benefits available from Stompgrip accessories. Stompgrip uses proprietary plastic blends that it develops together with local producers to best fit the needs of each genre of its customers. Stompgrip also uses the highest quality adhesives available on the market from respected suppliers like 3M and Avery.

By following its mantra Stompgrip focuses on developing high quality products at a premium price. However, the majority of Stompgrip’s products retail for less than $100; so premium doesn’t always equal expensive. Stompgrip offers a high return on investment when compared with most accessories sold in the power sports industry; for a small price, riders of all levels can revolutionize how they ride.


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