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Haymaking is not an activity that one would associate with precision tools. Yet an appropriately shaped rake makes all the difference. This realisation combined with craftsmanship laid the foundation for an enterprise producing hay rakes at Lahnakoski in Kokkola, back in the agrarian Finland of the 1930s. A functional shape, the right choice of wood and a durable structure raised the modest tool to popularity; the red Lahnakoski blade tip was a seal of quality. As the workshop was located on a river and quite near the sea, it was only a short step to producing wooden oars. These essential boating accessories eventually became the principal products of the growing enterprise. Wood always floats and is a beautiful, natural material. It is warm to the touch even in cool waters

Today, the family business is into its fourth generation and continues to rely on the traditions accumulated over the decades while looking into the future with a keen and curious eye.

Lahnakoski is Europe’s leading maker of wooden oars, with an uncompromising aim to make practical and reliable tools out of wood. We follow a modern, green approach respecting the forest and the environment, and we also work with other materials and use the newest technology in a never-ending quest for improvement. Our expertise with wood and other materials combine to make your experience on the water all the more enjoyable: it is possible to be practical and attractive at the same time. Our oars are real oars, our paddles are both handy and waterworthy, our flagpoles provide a handsome finishing touch, and all details contribute to the whole.


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