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In 1970, Leak Proof Fork Seals were introduced to the motorcycle industry – at first with only a few applications available, mostly dirt bikes. The popularity of these fork seals also created a huge demand for seals for the ever popular street bikes. Leak Proof Fork Seals responded by making fork seals for more and more makes and models of motorcycles. Now, over 50 years later, Leak Proof Fork Seals manufactures fork seals for virtually every motorcycle made!

Our patented “pressure-balanced” design performs unlike any stock fork seal. Made of state-of-the-art material, the seal is allowed to float in the seal cavity, adjusting automatically to varying pressure spikes under all conditions, thus resulting in longer seal life and substantially less seal drag (stiction).

Our fork seals feature “push-fit” installation, unlike stock seals which are “press-fit” and often require special tools to remove and install. Leak Proof Fork Seals are pliable and can easily be installed with just your forefinger and thumb, thus making it hassle-free for both the shop mechanic and the do-it-yourself consumer alike. Detailed instructions for installation are included with every kit.

Don’t go through all the work of replacing your fork seals without using the best fork seals on the planet.

Each and every set of Leak Proof Fork Seals is backed by our lifetime guarantee.



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