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Since 2003, the ThunderMax team has been 100% focused on developing products that improve the performance and overall rider experience for EFI equipped Harley Davidson motorcycles.  The award-winning ThunderMax is a complete, standalone performance ECM which simply is the most powerful, advanced, and user friendly electronic fuel management system available on the market today.

ThunderMax is a closed-loop system with proprietary AutoTune Technology that utilizes a high resolution Alpha/N-based system and wide-band oxygen sensors in order to provide the most versatile and precision tuning available. The factory ECM is completely and cleanly replaced with the ThunderMax utilizing the original location and connection to the H-D harness. Increased throttle response and "seat of the pants" torque coupled with a smoother, cooler running engine gives the rider utmost satisfaction of performance and rideability.   

Available for 2001 to 2015 Delphi EFI based H-D motorcycles including Throttle-by-Wire models as well as 1997-2001 Magnetti-Marelli based H-D motorcycles.

ThunderMax is proudly engineered, designed, and manufactured in the USA by Thunder Heart Performance Corporation in White House, Tennessee. Thunder Heart Performance Corporation has been a market leader in high quality electronics, components, and performance systems for the motorcycles industry since 1996.


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