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Malossi Scooter Tuning is a veteran in the business. Founded by Armando Malossi he and his son Ugo they built the scooter tuning traditional brand in Europe in post-war years . Based on simple products such as air filters and intake company was quickly growing and the range now consists all parts you can to make your scooter to go faster. A Malossi product is always a guarantee of the highest quality and performance. The current range includes the still-available air intake & filters + exhaust systems, cylinder kit, variator (Multivar 2000, MHR, Maxivar).

The cylinders are consuming it as robust versions with 70cc sports and more or midrace and high-end cylinder from the series MHR Replica and the MHR premium class. Delta & Fly Clutch and clutch bell Wingbell and various types of belts (Special Belt, X Kevlar Belt and Belt) round out the drive system of an automatic scooter. With the over-range series thoroughbred racing variators and clutches are available. The manufacturer is now an integral part of every scooter and moped racing event and thus not only in Italy. The brand is home on all race tracks worldwide.

Malossi offers tuning parts for scooters, mopeds and scooters. Decades of accumulated experience in racing and the highest manufacturing quality make all Malossi products to a high-performance high-end product. All products come with a price, especially the parts from Malossi. But who demands the highest quality can not pass the Malossi brand. In the MHR series you find the most powerful tuning parts. With MHR-Replica series Malossi is offering affordable scooter tuning products and racing parts.

Malossi products are manufactured exclusively in Europe, mainly in Italy.


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